Meet Jon Hilbert, Harrisonburg Apartment Manager.

A lifelong resident of Harrisonburg, Jon holds a Bachelor’s degree in English from James Madison University and a Master’s of Library and Information Science from University of North Texas. He enjoys Nascar and loves dogs.

Family owned and operated, Lexington Square treats you right.

Lexington Square apartments in Harrisonburg, VA, are locally owned and operated by the family who built them in 1988. The owners take a hands-on approach that keeps you comfortable. Since the beginning, careful upkeep of the facilities has been and remains a top priority. Attention to the units includes regular maintenance to heating and air conditioning, appliances, walls and floors, as well as renovations and upgrades. Family ownership provides stability and attention to detail, which means a better rental experience for you.

Welcome to Lexington Square Apartments in Harrisonburg, VA!

As the property manager for Lexington Square Apartments, I would like to personally thank you for considering us for your rental needs. I have managed the property since 2006 and thoroughly enjoy all of the aspects of managing the property.

From the day-to-day business management to maintenance needs, I make sure that you are satisfied living in your home. I strive to make you happy and comfortable! We have a proven history of satisfied and long-term residents who enjoy living here.

What I personally feel that separates us from the rest of the rental properties available is a personal commitment to you–the resident. This is your home, and with that, I promise to provide you timely service that meets your individual needs. All requests or maintenance needs are responded to quickly and we never disregard any matter, no matter how small!

I would like to thank you for considering Lexington Square Apartments for your rental needs. I thank you for your interest and hope to hear from you soon!


Jon Hilbert

Property Manager

Lexington Square Apartments in Harrisonburg, VA

(540) 810-3201


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