Lexington Square encourages you to meet your neighbors.

Getting out to a neighborhood barbecue in the summer months or enjoying a crisp fall day socializing and playing lawn games is a great way to meet your neighbors. At Lexington Square Apartments in Harrisonburg, we strive to foster community and consideration among our tenants and with our management and owners. With so many distractions and obligations in daily life, finding a few times a year to meet up and hang out encourages us to slow down and enjoy the moment. Periodically, management will send out an announcement of an upcoming event on the Lexington Square grounds. We’d love to see you there!

Lexington Square Apartments Harrisonburg

Summer months are ripe for socializing!

We look forward to holding Barbecues in the warmth of the spring and summer month. Head on over for a few outdoor games and friendly conversation. The owners and manager put on aprons and serve up food and fun! Get to know the other residents to foster a stronger sense of community and ease into meeting your neighbors. Lexington Square apartments in Harrisonburg care about your well being as you enter the community. We pride ourselves on being a welcoming and safe community.

Be part of a community for greater security and overall happiness.

When we know our neighbors, we can be better neighbors. According to SafeWise.com, knowing your apartment neighbors increases the security of the entire apartment complex because residents are looking out for each other. Neighbors you know are more likely to check on you if they hear a loud noise or crash coming from your apartment. If someone is lurking suspiciously outside your window, a neighbor you know can call you to check in. Your happiness may be positively impacted, as well, as more smiles and friendly gestures make for a more joyful housing experience.

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