Neighborhood Watch keeps the community safe.

New to Lexington Square apartments in Harrisonburg, the Neighborhood Watch program began in 1972 and is sponsored by the National Sheriffs’ Association. Neighborhood Watch works because citizens are engaged in limiting the opportunities for crimes to occur. Most crimes happen when no one is paying attention. With the Neighborhood Watch program at Lexington Square, we can keep our already low crime rate down.

Every resident is vital to this mission.

When we are all aware of each other, know our neighbors, and reach out if we see any suspicious activity, we actively reduce the chances for burglaries or other crimes to occur. For our residents who are home during the day or perhaps don’t leave home often, looking out the window has great value to the community. The coming and going of an apartment complex means someone is usually around, and with all eyes open, we are well covered.

Be part of increasing security and safety in Lexington Square apartments in Harrisonburg.

The National Crime Prevention Council cites Neighborhood Watch groups for reducing the fear of crime as well as reducing actual crime in communities that participate. Neighbors unite around a common goal and the Neighborhood Watch meetings provide basic skills for preventing crime and reporting suspicious activity. Mobilizing the residents of the apartment complex is also a cost-effective way to reduce crime, keeping you safe and your rent competitive.

Getting started with Neighborhood Watch at Lexington Square.

To plan and implement Neighborhood Watch at Lexington Square, look out for communication from the owners to residents about meetings. We’ll increase visibility and enter into partnerships with local law enforcement to create a sound structure to the Lexington Square Neighborhood Watch. Join in keeping our complex safe!

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