Lexington Square Apartments in Harrisonburg, VA, Rules and Regulations:

The policies and rules contained herein may be modified and new policies and rules adopted by Owner or Management, and shall become effective on the date indicated on the addendum, or thirty days after delivery of a copy of the amendment or amended rules, to Resident, whichever is later.

1. ACTIONS OF GUESTS: Residents are totally responsible for the actions of their guest(s), friend(s), family member(s), other occupant(s), and anyone who visits and enters their residence.

2. CANDLES & COMBUSTIBLE SUBSTANCES: The Resident is prohibited from using candles or kerosene lamps without permission, and Residents are prohibited from using or keeping in their apartment or storage spaces any gasoline, explosives, inflammable, or combustible materials.

3.  CARPETS CLEANED:  Resident agrees to have carpets cleaned at the end of the rental relationship by Harrisonburg Carpet Care or have management arrange the cleaning and deduct from Security Deposit.

4.  ELECTRICAL OVERLOAD:  If the resident overloads an electrical circuit or blows a fuse, the resident will be charged to have the problem corrected.


a.     If you hear a smoke alarm and/or see smoke or fire, call 911.

b.     Direct any family members in the dwelling to exit.

c.     Stay near the floor if you must evacuate through a smoke-filled corridor.  Smoke rises, so the clearest air will be at floor  level.  Breathe sparingly and move quickly as possible toward the exit.

d.     Leave the fire area, closing all doors behind you, but do not lock them.

e.     Never go back into a burning building to save pets or personal possessions-no matter how valuable they are to you.

6.  GARBAGE DISPOSAL:  Residents will not use the kitchen sink or toilet for excess garbage.  A     residential garbage disposal is only for use to dispose of minimal amounts of food.  Excessive amounts of food, pasta, etc. will clog the lines and the whole building.  The tenant will be charged to have the problem repaired.

7.  HAZARDOUS DISPOSAL:  No hazardous substances may be disposed of in the garbage containers, but must be disposed of as required by applicable health and safety regulations and codes.  Please refer to the City of Harrisonburg Hazardous Waste website for quarterly drop off days for hazardous waste.

8.  ILLEGAL DRUGS:  NO ILLEGAL DRUGS of any kind are permitted on the premises.

9.  LANGUAGE AND LOITERING:  No profane language, loitering, and loud music from car audio systems which interferes with the quiet enjoyment of neighbors is permitted outside the rental.  In addition, playing, skateboarding, or bicycle riding on the sidewalks, parking areas, steps in such a way that causes damage to others personal property or blocks passage or free use of occupants or neighbors is prohibited.  Residents are responsible for asking all occupants, guests, and visitors to the premises to abide by this policy, and Residents will be held liable for the actions of anyone coming to or from home or apartment, and subject to eviction for repeat violations of this policy.

10: LIQUID-FILLED FURNISHINGS:  No liquid filled furniture such as a waterbed.

11. LOCKS:  Residents will not change or install additional locks to the doors or windows.  With regard to broken or uncooperative locks, Resident shall immediately notify Owner/Management if any door or window lock in the home becomes unserviceable.

12. NOISE/CONDUCT:  Resident, family, and guests shall not make or allow loud or unreasonable noise or sounds.  Resident and/or guests shall not disturb other Residents’ peaceful enjoyment of the premises.  Resident shall refrain from playing any musical instrument, radio, music system, entertainment system, or television at a volume that can be heard outside the home and that causes disturbance to other residents.  Loud noise or disorderly conduct will result in a notice to vacate the premises and termination of this agreement.  In addition, Residents are responsible for all actions and damages caused by Resident’s guests.  That being said please remember you are living in an apartment building and it will not be possible to live without hearing some noise from the apartments nearest your home.  Please be tolerant and considerate!

13.  OFF LIMITS:  Residents shall not go upon the roof of the apartment buildings or enter the storage sheds.

14.  OUTDOOR FURNITURE AND TOYS:  No bicycles, play equipment, toys, or outdoor furniture shall be left outside of the premises when not in immediate use.   Please confine your belongings on your patio/deck.

15.  PARKING:  No unauthorized vehicle may be parked on the premises.  No disabled or unregistered vehicles or vehicles with expired registration shall be parked on the premises.  Vehicles must be parked only on paved or designated areas.  Resident further understands that no repairing, servicing, or painting of the vehicle is permitted on the premises.  Resident also agrees never to park or store a recreational vehicle, motor home, boats or trailer of any type.  Such vehicles will be towed to a storage yard at the car owner’s expense.

16.  PETS/STRAYS:  Any animal discovered on or around the property will be considered a stray.

All strays will be reported to the proper authorities and removed.

17.  PLUMBING:  Residents shall be responsible for keeping the kitchen and bathroom drains free of things that may tend to cause clogging.  Grease and objects other than toilet paper will stop up the plumbing.  Drain stoppages repair will be charged to the Resident.

18.  POLICE REQUESTED:  If police are called to the apartment on more than one occasion for a Resident related problem or disturbance, this Agreement is subject to termination.

19.  REPAIR NOTIFICATION:  Resident shall notify Owner/Management of any necessary repairs to the premises or emergency situations as soon as possible.  Residents will be held responsible for any damages if damage was the result of Resident neglecting to promptly report needed repairs.

20.  SATELLITE DISH/CABLE TV:  Residents shall not attach, install or have installed an antenna, satellite dish, or computer-related wiring or any other equipment to the dwelling exterior.

21.  SIGNS:  No signs, notices, or visual displays of any kind are to be posted on doors, exterior walls, or walkways.

22.  SNOW/ICE:  Management will clear the parking lot and sidewalks as quickly as possible. Residents will park with cars/trucks not covering the sidewalk to facilitate ease of clearing.

23.  SMOKE DETECTORS:  For Resident safety, Resident agrees to periodically check to make sure the smoke detectors are working.  It is your responsibility to replace the battery or notify the Owner/Manager that the detector is not working.

24.  SMOKING:  Smoking is not permitted in the apartments.  Smoking inside the unit can result in termination of the lease agreement, loss of deposit and additional fees to re-paint the apartment.

25.  TEMPERATURE:  During the heating season, Residents agree to maintain the heat in their apartment at a minimum of 60 degrees.  This is sufficient to protect the pipes and water facilities from damage by freezing.  Tenants should use climate control to prevent excesses of temperature and humidity in the apartment.  Residents that are negligent are responsible for the repair. Do not use the oven to heat your apartment!

26.  TRASH REMOVAL:  Residents shall maintain the apartment (inside and out) free of accumulations of trash and garbage at all times and agree to dispose of trash in appropriate trash bins.  Furniture, mattresses, and large items shall not be put out at the trash containers.  Large boxes shall be broken down so as not to consume too much space in the trash containers.  Regular vacuuming of the carpet is expected.

27.  UNAUTHORIZED COOKING:  Resident shall not use barbecues, grills (gas or charcoal), or other outdoor cooking equipment indoors.  Grills are allowed to be used outside when they are placed 15 feet away from the buildings.  No grills on the decks!

28.  WATER LEAKS:  Please report all water leaks IMMEDIATELY!  A small leak can cause high  water damage and water bills.

29.  WINDOW COVERINGS:  Window coverings shall be restricted to those provided by Owner/Management already existing in the home at the time of move-in.  Under no circumstances shall sheets, clothing, flags, aluminum or any metal foil, newspapers, or any other such items be used as a window covering.  No other items shall be hung from, or out of the windows.

30.  WINDOWS CLOSED:  In the event of inclement weather (rain, snow sleet, hail or high winds), Residents are required to close all windows and doors.  Damage to the window treatments, property interior, or floor coverings resulting from the violation of this rule will be charged to the Resident.

31.  MECHANICAL ROOM: This room is not to be used for storage of ANY type.  This room needs to be clear for maintenance personnel to access water heater or furnace.

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